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Fecha de publicaciónTítuloAutor(es)
2019Analysis of the Academic Performance of the Students of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering of the UNTELSCHAMORRO ATALAYA, OMAR FREDDY
2021Automatic control of motors through Simocode pro, and its effect on the performance of the process of filling and dispensing of chemical inputsCHAMORRO ATALAYA, OMAR FREDDY
2021Automation of the burner of a pirotubular boiler to improve the efficiency in the generation of steamCHAMORRO ATALAYA, OMAR FREDDY
2019Comparative Analysis between a Photovoltaic System with Two-Axis Solar Tracker and One with a Fixed BaseCHAMORRO ATALAYA, OMAR FREDDY
2019Comparative Analysis of Student Dissatisfaction of the Continuing Academic Semesters at UNTELSCHAMORRO ATALAYA, OMAR FREDDY
2019The Correlation of the Specific and Global Performance of Teachers in UNTELS Engineering SchoolsCHAMORRO ATALAYA, OMAR FREDDY
2021Evaluation of Teaching Performance in the Virtual Teaching-Learning Environment, from the Perspective of the Students of the Professional School of Mechanical EngineeringCHAMORRO ATALAYA, OMAR FREDDY
2019Experimental Analysis in Alternate Current and Direct Current of the Operating Parameters of a Universal Single-Phase EngineCHAMORRO ATALAYA, OMAR FREDDY
2019Satisfaction of the Graduate for the Continuous Improvement of Educational Quality in UNTELSCHAMORRO ATALAYA, OMAR FREDDY
2021Virtualization of Teaching and Learning of Engineering Students and its Impact on Self-Perception of Attitude Acquisition, in the Context of COVID-19CHAMORRO ATALAYA, OMAR FREDDY