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Title: Early Study of IT Outsourcing in Public Organizations in the Province of ManabíEcuador
Keywords: outsourcing risks, areas of IT outsourcing organizations, perspective of the managers of IT, perspective of the IT professionals.
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Universidad Nacional Tecnológica de Lima Sur
Abstract: The Outsourcing of information technology (IT) is the contracting of technological services between a public or private organization and another that are dedicated to the provision of one or several specific services to meet their requirements. In the outsourcing of IT services, there are several difficulties such as limited knowledge of IT personnel about the risks of Outsourcing, poor understanding of vulnerabilities, threats, and the growth of complexity to manage Outsourcing as it expands in the organizations, among others. Due to the problems, we posed the following question: What is the actual situation of the IT outsourcing in public organizations in the province of Manabí - Ecuador? The objective of this research is to measure the results through the field study about the knowledge, problems, the impact of the risks of IT Outsourcing from the perspective of IT managers and IT Professionals of the public organizations in the province of Manabí, Ecuador. The methodology used is a survey aimed at 113 people working in 40 public organizations. The conclusions more important are that more of half of respondents do not know about of IT outsourcing processes in public organizations. However, the have knowledge, indicated that the frequency that occur the IT outsourcing risks is very high, being the technical areas the most affected.
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