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Title: Comparative Analysis of Student Dissatisfaction of the Continuing Academic Semesters at UNTELS
Keywords: Dissatisfaction Students Continuous Improvement Academic Services Administrative Services
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Universidad Nacional Tecnológica de Lima Sur
Abstract: Student dissatisfaction is of the utmost importance when it comes to establishing a process of continuous improvement in a University. Currently, at the National Technological University of Lima Sur (UNTELS) there is no information regarding the levels of student dissatisfaction with the services offered by UNTELS. In this context, the purpose of this research project is to collect information from the students of the Professional Careers of Systems Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering and Communications, and Business Administration of the academic semesters 2017-I, 2017-II and 2018-I. To assess student dissatisfaction, a physical questionnaire was applied; through which the indicator of the highest level of dissatisfaction was determined, being “Sufficient work tables or capacity”, corresponding to the category of laboratory service, whose value of dissatisfaction is 65.61%, 47.23% and 52.11%; in the academic semesters 2017-I, 2017-II and 2018-I, respectively. Next, the indicators whose level of research is greater than 40% were determined, with three indexes of higher percentage of increase, these are; Registration and enrollment, Internet Service and the Efficiency of Administrative Personal Work; These results are intended to take relevant actions for the continuous improvement of the educational quality of UNTELS.
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