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Title: Comparative Analysis between a Photovoltaic System with Two-Axis Solar Tracker and One with a Fixed Base
Keywords: Photovoltaic system; solar cells; displacement; two axes; performance; orientation; stored energy
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Universidad Nacional Tecnológica de Lima Sur
Abstract: In this article, the comparative analysis of the stored energies between a photovoltaic system with a two-axis solar tracker, controlled by Arduino with respect to the energy stored by a fixed-base photovoltaic system is done. This with the option of using electrical energy efficiently, since the optimal installation of photovoltaic systems plays an important role in its efficiency. Once the comparative analysis was performed, the performance of the photovoltaic system with solar tracker is determined to be 24.06% higher than the second fixed-base photovoltaic system. The correlational analysis was also carried out for the data collected from the stored energy with respect to time, thus determining that the photovoltaic system with a solar tracker has a low correlation of 0.334, given that in the solar tracker the energy stored without dependence on time or moment when the energy is captured, since, if there is a variation during the day of the direction of the sun's rays, the photovoltaic system will always seek to focus as much as possible on the sun's rays, guaranteeing sustainability in flexible storage of energy; while the fixed-base photovoltaic system has a moderate inverse correlation of - 0.489, that is, as the hours of the day pass the orientation of the sun's rays changes, and in the absence of dynamism in the orientation of the solar cells (for be fixedbased), limited energy as the hours of the day increase. Taking these reference results, it is expected to implement photovoltaic system projects with solar tracker in rural areas of Peru that lack electrical services, since it is more efficient than the fixed base photovoltaic system.
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