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Title: Analysis of the Academic Performance of the Students of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering of the UNTELS
Keywords: Disapproval rate, programming, higher education, strategies, engineering.
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Universidad Nacional Tecnológica de Lima Sur
Abstract: In the National Technological University of South Lima (UNTELS) there is a low percentage of graduates in relation to the number of entrants of the Professional School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. Therefore, it is proposed to focus on the academic development of students in each course taken throughout in their undergraduate studies; in the desire to provide recommendations and additional strategies to the student, which will allow him to be better prepared to improve his performance. For this, the collection and analysis of the total number of students enrolled, approved and disapproved of each course belonging to the curriculum of the career, from the 2007-I period to the 2016-II period. From the results obtained, the maximum percentages of disapproval were obtained, resulting that the Engineering Programming course, belonging to the third cycle, registered 75% of disapproval in the period 2014-II.
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