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Title: Comparative Analysis of Three Types of VHF/UHF Antennas for GPR Array
Authors: Clemente Arenas, Mark Donny
Keywords: GRP, DGS Vivaldi Antenna, LPDA, Antipodal Vivaldi Antenna, and ANSYS-HFSS
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Universidad Nacional Tecnológica de Lima Sur
Abstract: This article presents the comparative analysis of antennas for Ground Penetration Radars (GPR) that operate in the VHF/UHF band around 200 MHz. Three types of antennas are optimized to improve bandwidth, obtain a gain greater than 5 dB while analyzing their Half Power Beam Width-HPBW, and front to back levels. These antennas are candidates to be implemented on a 2x2 array for a double polarized GPR to improve its resolution and range. This radar conducts non-invasive explorations to obtain data from Caral’s archaeological center in the city of Lima, Peru. The geometry design, simulation results, and optimization of the antennas were calculated using the ANSYS-HFSS software. The simulation results have indicated that the Antipodal Vivaldi antenna showed better results than the Log Periodic Dipole Arrays and the DGS Vivaldi antennas.
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