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Title: Accreditation Models and Digital Platforms Used for University Academic Programs in Peru
Authors: Aguilar Alonso, Igor Jovino
Keywords: ABET, ICACIT, SINEACE, NVAO, Accreditation Models, Digital Platforms
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Universidad Nacional Tecnológica de Lima Sur
Abstract: Due to the problems presented by university higher education programs in Peru, the senior executives of the universities must take the necessary measures that allow them to identify institutional procedures to subsequently implement correct activities that contribute to growth in university education service quality and thus meet the standards necessary to achieve the accreditation of university programs. The main objective is to identify and offer a relevant description of some accreditation models, which allow the development of an institutional culture based on quality management to obtain accreditation in university higher education in Peru, as well as digital platforms used for education. The methodology used was the literature review. As a main conclusion is the identification of 15 publications selected, during the full review of each of the papers, we found 5 accreditation models and 7 digital platforms that support university quality management systems.
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