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Title: The Correlation of the Specific and Global Performance of Teachers in UNTELS Engineering Schools
Keywords: Teaching performance Student appreciation Professional schools Specific Dimension Global Dimension University School of Engineering Course planning Teaching strategies Student communication Administration of the class
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Universidad Nacional Tecnológica de Lima Sur
Abstract: This article presents an analysis on the existing correlation of the specific and global performance of teachers in UNTELS engineering schools, whose data collection was carried out during the development of the first academic semester of the year 2019, using the Survey technique; which presents indicators classified in two dimensions: “Specific Dimension of Teaching Performance” and “Global Dimension of Teaching Performance”, the first dimension includes indicators such as course planning, teaching strategies, teaching communication, student communication, administration of the class, and personal and professional traits, that the teacher shows towards the student; Likewise, the global dimension is related to the student's appreciation, as to whether the teacher surveyed should continue with the development of the course. This research was carried out, due to the low percentage of satisfaction in the student survey, and the appreciations in some negative cases, of the students in the Professional Engineering Schools. For this, initially it was sought to identify the number of teachers by Professional School of Engineering, whose teaching performance is poor, resulting in 17 teachers, which represents 14.05% of the total number of teachers; with which it was determined the Specific Dimension that presents the lowest level of qualification, resulting in Dimension 2 (D2): Didactic strategies, with an average grade of 10.41; These results will allow decisions to be made by the University authorities, regarding the development of a pedagogical training plan focused on improving said dimension, thus benefiting teachers in improving their teaching methodology. According to the analysis made, the dimensions of the specific and global performance of teachers in UNTELS engineering schools show a high positive level of Pearson's correlation.
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