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Title: Characterization of student dropout associated with risk factors in a public university
Authors: Chauca Saavedra, Mario Bernabe
Keywords: isk Factors, Tutoring, Dropout
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Universidad Nacional Tecnológica de Lima Sur
Abstract: he study aimed to determine the risk factors in tutoring and dropout in students in a public university methodology: hypothetical deductive, type and quantitative, descriptive and crosssectional design. The sample consisted of 105 students from the 1st to the 8th semester 2018-2019. 95% female predominance, internal tutoring risk factors are present as motivation only in 48%, selfesteem 38%, food 49%, external factors such as aggression 57%, teacher support 15%, the use of the Web without filter the 85 % they are present. The results of the research led us to conclude that internal and external risk factors are present in the tutoring and dropping out of students.
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