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Title: Distance to Object Estimation Based on Software Defined Radio USRP using Python
Authors: Clemente Arenas, Mark Donny
Keywords: radar FMCW, GNU Radio, Software Defined Radio.
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Universidad Nacional Tecnológica de Lima Sur
Abstract: The use of a Software Defined Radio System SDR is widely used in several critical applications such as wireless communications, airborne, satellite, radar, etc. SDR through Universal Peripheral Radio Software Technology USRP, has allowed to reduce hardware complexity and cost. In this article, the implementation of a Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave FMCW radar is presented to estimate the distance between the transmitter and a target object at 3.3 GHz using open source hardware and software such as: GNU Radio, USRP B210 and Python. Raw signals processing from wall reflections was implemented in Python, and the distance estimation is presented on a spectrogram
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